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Artist: King Fantastic
Label: Holly Rock
Concept Written and Directed by Randal Kirk II

Editing and Motion Graphics: Chad Simcox www.chadsimcox.com

Kristen Leanne
Amilia (Nightmare) Dinmore
Georgia Visser
Emilia Carpinisan
Darya Dasha (AKA) Precious Little
Kelly Hekking
Lyla Dee
Ronni Riley
Christina Benthall

Executive Producer: Randal Kirk II, King Fantastic, and Hollyrock

Production Company: Streetlight Films www.streetlightfilms.net

Producer: Ryan Kohler

Supervising Producer: Jeramie Onyejiaka

Director of Photography: Brett Pawlak

Assistant Camera: Christopher Arata and Cory Jones

Gaffer: Gordon Yould

Grip/Electric: Seth Naugle

Key Grip: Matt Bobbitt

Production Designer: Logan Walden and Jeramie Onyejiaka

Gaffer: Gordon Yould

Grip/Electric: Seth Naugle

Key Grip: Matt Bobbitt

Assistant Directors: Mardana Mayginnes and Lynna Baculo

Casting Director: Jeramie Onyejiaka and Dustin Blackburn

Visual fx: Justice fx; Justin Russel and Zachary Briinkerhoff www.justice.com

Sound Design: Jamey Scott www.dramaticaudio.com

Colorist: Milton Adamou

Post color services provided by In a Place Production www.inaplacepost.com‚Äč

Stylist: Andi Wallace www.stylingbyandru.com

Dog heads provided by Ken Hall

Fashion Accessories supplied by Side Show By The Sea www.sideshowbythesea.com

Pasties supplied by Nicky Lipstick www.nikkilipstick.com

Make-up by Tara Daniels

Hair by Tara Daniels and Thy Mai

Weapons Master: Will Haung

PA's: Michael Schonfield , Bryan Volozanin, and Paul Holman

Label Rep: Tate Rock

Opening Painting by Ray Young Chu; The painting is available for sale at www.rayyoungchu.com

Directors Special thanks to:
Tony Kelly, American Apparel, Paul Street, Taylor Pinson, Circe Baumgartner, Jamey Scott, Nicky Lipstick, Geri Keams, Paul Holman, Augi Arrendondo, Dan Werling, Darwyn Metzger and Christopher Arata and the Yummies.

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