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The Pirate Signal: The Saga Of Dirty Street Kids

Artist: The Pirate Signal
Record Label: Axumite
Production Company: Streetlight Films www.streetlightfilms.net

The Saga of Dirty Street Kids is a eulogy for the tragic death of Jamie, the notorious graffiti artist known on the streets as SkAR. As a child, Jamie was abandoned by a dumpster and raised by the streets, destined for a life of drink, drugs, violence and death. When he paints over the markings that belong to rival taggers, they jump Mike Sheely, one of the street kids, and command him to bring SkAR to them. Just as SkAR arrives with his gang, Sheely secretly stays behind and lets the kids march into battle without him. During the scuffle, the leader of the rival crew shoots SkAR to death at point blank range. When Sheely discovers the fatal shooting, he leads his group of friends to avenge SkARs murder. The kids steal the money to pay for their friend's funeral and bring him home to rest in peace.

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